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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  January 1, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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welcome to 9 news now. happy new year. i'm jessica doyle in for j.c. hayward. a womans everything in her frame shop when it went up in flames this morning. here's alex trevino with the details. >> the fire destroyed the frame
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factory. customs pictures, games and graphics went up in flames this morning at 7 a.m. fairfax fire and rescue crews backed off periodically for fear the unstable building would collapse. no firefighters were injured that i know of yet but there was debris that fell from the ceiling inside but not necessarily a structural collapse that trapped anyone. >> reporter: some flames kept flickering two hours in to the blaze but firefighters would not stop beating down on the hot spots. >> total of 40 units between operational command and support and we have 70 or 80 firefighters working right now. >> reporter: the captain said the owner did not want to talk on camera, that it was the worst day of her life. alex trevino, 9 news now and the building was a complete loss. nobody including any of this firefighters were reportedly
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injured. brace yourself for more high-powered winds not today but the wind alert will be in affect for the weekend. kim has the details. not only windy but cold. >> you have got that right. put the pieces together. right now we will be watching a storm form across the coast of new england. it will be too far to bring us wintry weather but it will gust the winds right are around. right now the winds are north northwest at 8 miles an hour. we can handle that. buts i mentioned the storm will intensify and draw air in to it. as it brings air around the east coast in to it we get gusty winds. it will be all weekend long. look for winds northwesterly 15 to 25 and gusting as high as 30 miles an hour on saturday and sunday. with our storm track being pushed so far to the south we at least don't have to worry about storms coming with the gusty winds and dumping more snow on us. we will have to get through a cold and windy weekend. i will have the rest of the
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details for you when i see you in a little while. thank you, kim. new information on the gun incident in the wizards locker room on christmas eve. there's a report that washington wizards teammate, arenas and another player drew guns on each other and the new york time cites an anonymous sport says it happened when the he became angry on arenas for making good on a gambling debt. sarah foxwell will be laid to rest today. her body was found after she was abducted from her home. police suspect her mother's boyfriend is responsible. he is currently in custody charged with kidnapping. the new year brings in a load of new crimes. police are investigating a homicide in northeast. a man was found shot dead inside of his car shortly before midnight on the 4800 block of north capitol street. apparently he crashed after being shot.
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police have not identified the victim. also in northeast, officers found a teenager with a gunshot wound in the 200 block of hawaii avenue. emergency crews took 19-year- old emmanuel durant junior to the hospital where he later died. police are offering a reward up to $25,000 for information leading to an arrest in this case. in the southeast and southeast washington, a late- night service at the new life praise temple was abruptly interrupted by shots fired from the outside. police say the incident took place around midnight on naylor road. >> the music was kind of loud because we wasn't expecting to hear no gunshot come through the window like it did. >> reporter: the shots broke the front window and somehow missed a crowd of 40 mostly young people who were attending the service. an update now on a violent attack on two faulkier county, virginia, deputies. one of them, charles embery, is now out of the hospital. the second thomas leak is in
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the hospital recovering from stab wounds. an inmate awaiting a court hearing, george phillips facing attempted murder charge ms. the case. it happened at the warrenton, virginia courthouse. president obama is spending time this weekend going over preliminary reports from his counterterrorism team. his administration has been scrambling to find out what went wrong after abdulmutallab allegedly tried to bring down a jet headed to detroit on christmas day. joel brown has the latest. >> reporter: heads of various security agencies will be at the white house on tuesday to discuss the reviews and search for ways to prevent future attacks. the president has warned that officials at all levels of government will be held accountable. authorities believe that suspect abdulmutallab had contact with american-born cleric ail wacky while in yemen. despite links to the hijacker
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and the gunman he has denyenied ties to terrorism but now congress believes he played an important role in the plot. the senate intelligence commit are committee has already scheduled hearings as lawmakers look in to why government agencies failed to share key information. investigators know the suspect spent time studying in yemen, prior to the botched attack and likely trained with al-qaeda. in recent days yemenese forces have stepped up attacks on al- qaeda strong holds. >> it is very important indeed that yemen has taken the actions that it has in trying to help yemen as it has in this challenge in particular. >> reporter: in a any year's message, yemen's president is urging anyone tempted by al- qaeda to reconsider. joel brown, cbs news, washington. the white house is defending president obama's pick to head the transportation security administration.
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this in the wake of that the nominee was censured 20 years ago. she a former fbi agent and the censure came from his fbi superiors and it involved background checks on his estranged wife's boyfriend. a court is asked to charge i five dc students with terrorism. the charges carry possible life in prison. they are students from northern virginia who are accused of using facebook and youtube to try to connect with extremist groups in pack stab. they are due in court next monday. pope benedict xvi used his traditional new year's address today to call on people to change their lifestyles to save the planet. saying environmental responsibility was essential for global peace. recalling that world leaders had gathered in copenhagen last month for the climate conference, the pope said action at a personal and
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community level was just as important to safeguard the environment. what better way to ring in the new year than with a new baby and it's a boy. inova alexandria hospital reports its first baby of the year was born three minutes after midnight. they welcomed the baby boy to their family. congrats to mom, dad and baby. there are a lot of new laws and regulations in affect for the new year and we will have those details after the break. plus, dc's population boom. find out who's moving in to the city and why and what's good for the city. we'll be back in less than two minutes.
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♪[ music ] >> although our challenges are great, each of us has the courage and determination to rise up and meet them. it's that spirit that has kept the american dream alive for generations, and it's that spirit that will keep it alive for generations to come. so happy new year, everybody. when we ushered in the new year, some new laws, rules and regulations were also ushered in. in maryland one new law allows prince georges county to install speed cameras next monday n. montgomery county starting if april, neighbors won't be able to store unused cars, trucks and trailer on
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residential property for more than 30 days and shoppers will pay a nickel for every bag they use in dc and parking rates will jump $2 an hour. and a new law in affect in virginia that cigarettes be made with a special paper to prevent flames to spread. drivers will have to pay a quarter more at toll plazas on the dulles toll road. here's a new -- in new hampshire a same sex couple celebrated same-sex marriage. among the more surprising new laws is a smoking ban for bars and restaurants in north carolina. the country's largest tobacco producer. a new arkansas law prohibits selling toy guns that look like
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the real thing and california is the first state to partially ban the use of transfats in restaurants. for the past two decades, more people left the district every year than moving in. but that trend is finally reversed. the census estimates the nation's capital grew by 10,000 residents last year and is close now to 600,000. and armando trull tells us who's coming in and who's staying put. >> reporter: this young professional couple and their daughter are the faces of dc's mini population boom. >> we just moved here from chicago in august. >> reporter: what brought you to the city and this neighborhood? >> we had a baby and wanted to be closer to my family and johnathon works on the hill. >> reporter: the district government and real estate investors have spent billions to revitalized once brighted neighborhoods. >> we appreciate the diversity and just the vitality of a city area and those things drew us here. >> reporter: the housing collapse an the recession have
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kept many district residents from fleeing to the suburbs. a strong job market is attracting newcomers from other states. >> employment here and along the eastern shore and cambridge, maryland and there's no work and came here and found a job immediately. >> you have 10,000 more people that will be paying income taxes in washington, d.c. >> reporter: for the first time in a decade, the majority of those moving to the district are not coming from abroad and district birth births have his risen to 8,000 a year. the district now faces two challenges, first, how to capitalize on the surprising growth of the population this year, and second, how to keep folks from moving back to the suburbs once the economy gets better. in columbia heights, armando trull for 9 news now and even so, fairfax county, virginia and montgomery county maryland still beat out the district's population growth. 1.2million people live in fairfax county and nearly 1 million residents live in montgomery county. we have a question for you,
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what's the right way of referring to the new year? 2010 or 20 or twenty ten? >> what do you think about it? >> it is nice outside. 40s are here and i think some peeks of sunshine. i will tell you what's in store for the first weekend of the new year when i see you on the other side of the break. you are with 9 news now. when you're living with bipolar depression...
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hi, this is robert rivera. i want to say happy holidays to my lovely wife elizabeth and my beautiful daughters madison and megan and to my mother-in-law, go skins and to my brothers and sisters in springfield. god bless and hope to see you i want to you to check out the fireworks display at baltimore inner harbor. thousands were packed together to watch the spectacular
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explosions over the water. those were the closest were on the party ships. revelers braved the chill hours after the wintry mix moved through the area. better weather but maybe not for long. >> one day. you know what i heard, i heard when it is cloudy it reflects the light better and makes it nice and they had some drizzle in new york city which kept things good, too. >> it is the opposite of what i thought it was going to be. so glad it worked out but what a run. much better so far today. it is 12:18. i'm ready to go. it is new year's day. let's look outside and inspect the weather. this is the time lapse tower cam from the netherlands carillon. and you can see the beautiful art work passing by. i saw a few patches of blue. maybe by day's end we will have more. the temperature took a nice big
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jump. up to 42 degrees. northwest winds are not too brisk. they are at 8 miles an hour. the humidity is 70%. and here's the satellite and radar loop. we are precipitation free. now there's some snow across pennsylvania. you folks from the mason dixon line run the risk in to the weekend of seeing maybe a lake effect snow streamer pester you. you have had this before so you are probably not going to be surprised by this but the rest of us will be dry. it will be windy and -- windy and cold. and folks here in allegheny county and grant and mineral county, have a shot at decent snow. a winter storm watch in affect for up slope snow showers. the 40s are here. more melting. 41 frederick. winchester 40. quantico you are 36. 36 easton. 39 annapolis. culpeper 36 and 41 down in fredericksburg. our high today will be
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somewhere near 43. more clouds than sun. we will get the sunshine back no problem this weekend. it is just we will get gusty winds, too and the temperatures will be around 32 for the high on saturday and again on sunday. what this means to you and me is instead of it feeling like 32. it will feel like teens and 20s with gusty winds, sometimes as high as 30 miles an hour. here's the satellite-radar loop. i want to show you where they are getting the snow. up across new york state, northern new england, especially maine. maine is going to get a decent amount of snow as the storm finally comes together and that's the culprit that will bring us the really gusty winds here as we watch the map. we are in an in between zone with snow wrapping behind us. 41 today. it is tonight the temperatures really drop. in to the middle 20s. the winds will be picking up and becoming gustier.
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15 miles an hour tonight. tomorrow sustained winds, mind you, 15 to 25 and gusting to 30. it is going to feel cold and folks out to wisp will be happy because you will be getting snow for all of the skiers. in fact, microcast nine shows you what will happen hour by hour. this is the time line. 8:00 tonight. and you will see variably cloudy skies but the blue stuff to the west is snow straight through saturday. you see out there in oakland. that's why they love to ski out that way. you will get the mother load and we will not get it here. partly cloudy and staying cold. ready for the seven-day forecast? i'm ready to show it to you. we have the windy weather and we have temperatures around 32 degrees tomorrow and on sunday. and then for the rest of the week we are going to be in the deep freeze. the neat thing about this, when we get these huge cold snaps it pushes the jet stream so far south and that's the storm track that we don't get any storms delivered to us.
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we get the buy one get one free on cold and we miss the sale on storms. that's how it will shake out the next couple. you will be cold but should be dry as we kick off what did we say, twenty-ten or 21 -- 2010. >> how do you refer to the new year, do you say twenty-ten or 2010? people are at odds. we will try to figure it out after the break.
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i know. my diet? well yesterday i had an apple turn over mmm hmm, i know it's sort of my weakness -
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i always keep it in the house well, that and boston crème pie, white chocolate strawberries, ya ya - oh! and key lime pie i've already lost some weight [ female announcer ] yoplait light - with 28 delicious flavours at about 100 calories babe, what are you doing?! ♪ now it is officially the new year there's one thing on many people's minds, how do you
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say it, twenty-ten or two thousand ten? we look to find out the answer. >> reporter: there seems to be a debate raging. is the knitwear twenty-ten or two thousand ten? >> i usually call it twenty- ten. >> i say two thousand ten, like 2009, 2001. >> twenty-ten was the clear winner in our unscientific poll just ask the couple with these numbers on their faces. >> twenty-ten. >> reporter: some say they have to train themselves out of a habit after saying 2006, 2007, 2009, but many haven't giving the two thousand ten or twenty- ten question much thought and expect they will say both. >> we're amazed it is two thousand ten. so we made it to two thousand ten. >> reporter: you just said two thousand ten ten but you said
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you were going to say twenty- ten. >> i was a chronic liar in my prior life. >> it is a tomato toe mat toe kind of thing. i am sure i will say twenty-ten but two thousand ten will come out of my mouth, too. >> you won't say twenty-twenty. >> especially if you have perfect vision. >> i don't know what is going to come out of my mouth. i haven't said it enough. >> i will probably say both for a while. have you heard the rumor. >> i think i have heard something. >> let me get this out. if you haven't heard yet today is my last day at channel 9 and i want to say it has been a terrific experience for me. i found professionally i grew. i found my true love. he proposed to me on tv here in the studio. ben who came in today. who happens to be here. i met wonderful people who
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interact with me on the chat room saying we are weather kim and they are making me cry. while i don't know where i am going next, i promise i can keep in touch. you can follow me on facebook and stay tuned for kim martucci .com and i will not leave without saying good-bye and hopefully i will land on my feet and i love you, too. >> stick with 9 news now and
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